Freely invest in stock market: Best demat account for small investors

Depository Participant acts an intermediary through which investors get the depository services. It provides financial services and involves entities like brokers, financial institutions, custodians etc. In context of best demat account for small investors we have looked through the plenty of brokers. And, it is found that the low brokerage demat account listing is most sought while searching for the right demat account in India. There are many traditional brokers like ICICI Direct, HDFC, Kotak Securities, SBI Securities etc who offer demat accounts. However, we found traders coming back to newly developed discount broking platforms. One of the reasons might be the fear of losing money in brokerage along with risk of market volatility. Brokers offering accounts like SBI online account, ICICI direct, Angel broking ask high brokerages from traders. However, the faster pace in trading has been spotted due to deep discounts in broking industry and thin margins.

best demat account for small investors

The interesting fact is that the budget brokers are actually good for small scale investors. The availability of high level services at very low costs has increased the urge of perfect demat account for small investors. They find it a great source of trading. The low brokerage demat account serves well for intraday traders, algorithm traders etc. Some of the traders are compulsive and take positions frequently when margin and brokerage are low.




Viewpoint on low brokerage demat accounts in India

It is quite confirmed that the brokerage rates may lower down more. The technology and methodological aspects of full time brokers are not that satisfactory. That turns their status quo these days. The basic idea of demat account for small scale investor can be easily extracted by going through this post. Investing in the share market can be fruitful and graph can move sheer forward with right choices. Although sometime many obstacles in the market can breakaway the path to successful trading still one can hope high with good options.

As we have already discussed demat account meaning, let us come straight to the best demat accounts for small investors in India.

Independent category wise listing of leading demat accounts in India

Major demat accounts in India for small investors by discount brokers

  1. Wisdom Capital Demat Account
  2. RKSV Demat Account
  3. SAS Online Demat Account
  4. 5 Paisa Demat Account
  5. Trade Smart Online demat account

Special highlights:

Demat account charges by primary demat accounts for small investors

1. Wisdom Capital

Trading Account Opening Fees: NIL,

Demat Account Charges: NIL

Trading AMC: NIL,

Demat AMC: Rs 999 + GST,

Demat Transaction charges: Rs 15.


Trading Account Opening Fees: Rs.150,

Demat Account Charges: Rs. 150,

Trading AMC: Zero,

Demat AMC: Rs. 150 per year,

Demat Transaction charges: Rs 15.

Demat Transaction charges review of demat accounts for small investors

  1. Wisdom Capital Demat Account: Rs 15
  2. RKSV Demat Account: RS. 15
  3. 5 Paisa Demat Account: RS. 25
  4. SAS Online: Rs.15 per ISIN

Leading demat accounts in India by traditional brokers

  1. ICICI Direct Demat Account:  RS. 5.50
  2. HDFC Securities Demat Account:  0.04%
  3. KOTAK Securities Demat Account: 0.04%
  4. SBI Securities Demat Account:  0.01% (B/w Rs 21- Rs 300)

Importance of Perfect demat account for small scale investors

1.Save your time

The importance of time everyone knows. Earlier, people faced delays in transfer and more time was taken for making any kind of transaction of shares.

2.Simplified process

Online demat account has simplified many things. The process of holding shares and securities in a digital form is convenient for users. Also, no stamp duty is applicable on transfer of securities.

3.Safeguard your stocks

New comers in the market must be happy as there is no paper involved in process. It reduces the risks of misplacing the document or any kind of theft. It is more safe to use a demat account than the physical shares.

4.Lesser expenses

If we consider physical form of shares, their transaction cost is much higher including the cost of stamps etc. So low brokerage demat account serves well to the dormant account holders and considered as the best demat account for small investors in India.

Best demat and trading account for small investors in relation to trading platform

To have access to real time stock market status, you can choose brokers with any of the top trading tools like NEST TRADER, NSE NOW, Fox Trader, Trade Tiger etc. Certain features must be checked as the more features are added with latest advancements. Trading platforms also come with tips and calls based on research. You can also use them on trial basis. There are many which are free to access.  For any doubts or clarifications, contact the related broker.

Right demat account on the basis of other parameters

Presence of effective back office: One can generate & initialize reports in a single click. It serves well in maintaining the track of your hard earned money. With the help of effective back office support, you can get a report on a Profit & Loss, Ledger, Traded Records, Funds pay in & payout etc.

Cooperative Customer Support: Availability of the people that assist you while you step up in trading is actually of great importance. It is very useful to the beginners in the market. You can select the best demat account for small investors by taken into account this factor too. Email Support, Phone Support, SMS Alert, Free online & offline demo etc are crucial things in building one’s confidence in trading. Users get good support via such facilities.

Specific facts about best demat account for small scale investors

If we preview the 10 years back scenario, we could find more usage of physical securities that were prone to damages and theft. Nowadays, the Demat has made life easy for all types of investors. You can control your account online with id and password. All kinds of transactions will be recorded in the account and any of them will be automatically added or deleted in account. The paperless trading has set its roots in India from 1996 in NSE. National Securities Depository Ltd and the Central Depository Services Ltd are associated with demat account opening of anybody here. All banks and other brokers like ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities, Wisdom Capital, RKSV etc are depository participants who open Demat account with depositories for us. Anybody can open this account without any minimum balance. We hope, the post is useful for the ones finding right demat account for small investors.

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