How the Best Stock Brokers in India Easing Trading Decisions?

The contemporary stock brokers that are leading trading activities in India are far more different from the traditional stock brokers in India. Driving trading activities leveraging upon technology enabled platforms, the new age best stock brokers in India have eased the process of taking decision for the investors and traders. With the present internet based trading platforms run on over electronic infrastructure has led a common investor to have access to a large pool of data on different criteria to make an intelligent and correct buying decision. There are many aspects of new technology that have made trading far easier and fast in India and have led them to take the correct trading decision.

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Online Stock Brokers Enabling Trader to Use Information Wisely

What the best stock brokers in India at present are doing is that they are enabling a common trader with a loath of information either by their trading tools or by the educational tools. Discount brokers like Wisdom Capitals has led a trader’s access to trading platforms like Fox Trader and Nest on their computer desktop. He is now merely not depends upon the Tele-Broker to have knowledge about the happenings occurring in the market but has all the information within his ambit in a real time. He can see live what is happening in the share market through the respective trading platform’s watch-lists, charts to analyze and make a better trading decisions.

The analytical information provided by the charts of an online trading platform of a discount broker is only one aspect of trading, however, to gauge through the technical and fundamental analysis of a script over a long period of time the widely provided information online is of the greater use. To read an index or script across over 5 years of period, there is a plenty of information now-a-days online to judge and make a correct position or trade. With having this much of information at access a trader can employ all the combinations and permutations to hit the correct position in the market. According to an estimation an average investors has access to more than three billion pieces of data from 28 billion information online at any time.


Trading Platforms Used By the Best Stock Brokers in India


Wisdom CapitalFOX TRADER Fox Trader from Wisdom Capital is one of the best trading platforms and is far superior than trading platforms other discount brokers in the market. It has unique features  like constantly updating market watch offering real time data, data

enabled charts for the best analysis and predictions,  option calculator & analysis with best visualization and price alerts to make a better trading decision.


ICICI DIRECT TRADE RACER Featured for the best trading execution it is enabled with live streaming quotes & research calls, technical analysis, charts, integrated fund transfer system and multiple watch list facility.
India Info LineIIFL TRADER TERMINALIt is unique trading tool with extend charting and analysis features. With Trader Terminal one can trade in cash, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, currencies and commodities offered in a single screen. Other features offered by it are instant trade execution, live chat, live research and news, streaming quotes and multiple market watch.
          Share Khan  SHARE KHAN  TRADE TIGERWith certain unique features for day traders it is considered best for the intraday traders. It has many advanced charting tools, live streaming quotes, automated order alert, trade from charts, heat map, one-click filter, single platform trade on NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX.
           Zeroda  ZERODHA PIIt is another popular online trading tool with outstanding features like charts, backtesting, speedy quotes update and bridge with Ami-Broker. Also, it has advanced charting and technical indicators and historical data features.
          MOTILAL OSWAL  MOITLAL OSWAL TRADE  It is featured with an order form with market depth. Integrated market information. Advanced intraday features. Integrated market information. One view access to all trading reports. Portfolio pages mutual fund Reviews and others.
          Angel Broking  ANGEL TRADE Easily manage & track a trader’s portfolio, get automatic updates on the transactions, trade in stocks, currency commodities, investment in the mutual funds. Provide the latest market information with comprehensive research report.
          UPSTOX UPSTOX PROAvailable in both the format installer as well as in the mobile version Upstox Pro present an exciting range of    technical indicators and charting features, enabling the instant trade execution.



Better Control over Decisions with Internet Technology by the Best Stock Brokers

The information and technology enabled solutions and tools offered by the leading stock brokers in India has led to a new generation of traders to be more confident about their positions and placement of orders. Online features like chatrooms of likeminded investors to discuss agreement about the trend of a stock and other such features aid in boosting the confidence of the trader that was earlier quite reluctant to place their orders in fear of the stock price going down. The trader now has become more selective to pick up the stock of their choice and opinion.  But this trend to be more enhanced and controlled let information to make a trader more speculative resulting into the overall growth of the trade as well as industry. Moreover, the trading information available let the brokerage of different service providers to be analyzed.


     Broker BrokerageMargin
Wisdom CapitalFreedom Or 0.005%Up to 60 times depending on brokerage plan
UPSTOX/RKSVRs 20 per orderUp to 20 times
ZerodhaRs 20 per tradeUp to 20 times
SAS onlineRs 9 per orderUp to 20 times
5PaisaRs 10 per executed orderUp to 15 times
Bonanza Online0.005%Up to 10 times
TradejiniRs 20 or 0.01% per executed order.Up to 20 times.
Aditya Birla Money0.03%Up to 15 times.
Nirmal Bang0.02%Up to 10 times.
Trade Smart onlineRs 15 per executed order or 0.07%Up to 30 times.



Creating Favorable Environment for the Market to Grow 

The usage of technology by the stock brokers in India has merely not let only an individual trader to grow but at the same time have made favorable impression upon the entire market. It has also increased the productivity of the Indian stock market in terms of capitalization, tremendously, since their becoming electric trading two decades back. As the information technology is all about the calculations and the stock trading is also based upon the accounting. Therefore,   with the common interest ground the efficiency of stock market in India, naturally.   After the introduction of electronic trading the trades now can be accomplished within nanoseconds. With an Algo-Trading it has become far easier for the stock brokers to decide upon the buying and selling of stocks.

What an algorithm trading patterns do is following instructions to measure out the chart patterns to make a safe and secure trading decision.  Algo trading with a greater accuracy assess the timing, price, quantity and routing of orders across different scripts and trading center at a moment in real time. In addition to trading tools and solutions in India the stock brokers in India also making market aware of trading by the means of direct mail campaigns, websites and online financial news website.

The areas where technology is used in share market includes:-

  • Orders Placing
  • Clearance/Settlement
  • Charting/Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Back Office Management

With more advanced technology arriving over the horizon the technology like big data can offer behavior based solutions that along with human interference will be automated.


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