Is Your Stock Broker Cheating You?

3 Most Common Stock Broker frauds

Is your stock broker cheating you? Know-how, We have highlighted the top 3 most common examples of stockbroker frauds that all investors and traders must be aware of

1.Conversion of Funds

One of the worst and most blatant kinds of stockbroker fraud is the conversion of funds. In these cases, the agent can use their privileged position to steal or by choice steal the funds directly from a victim’s trading account.

Stockbroker theft will happen in many alternative ways, and infrequently stockbrokers use refined ways to hide up their fraud.

It is conjointly notable that old and disabled investors area unit at a heightened risk of turning into victims of broker frauds.

These kinds of victims might not be able to totally perceive their account statements, and sadly, an associate unscrupulous broker could make the most of the case to line their own pockets.

2.Unauthorized Trading

Stockbrokers want your authorization before they’ll conduct a group action on your behalf. As a general rule, this authorization will are available in one in all 2 totally different forms.

First, you’ll have to open a Demat and trading account.

With this kind of account, you sign an associate degree agreement that provides your agent authority to conduct bound sorts of trades on your behalf, while not requiring them to induce your authorization for every distinctive group action. Still, your broker should follow your preselected trading pointers.

Alternatively, you’ll have a non-discretionary brokerage account. With this kind of trading account, your broker is lawfully out from creating any group action while not initial obtaining your categorical approval for the actual trade.

If you or dear has been the victim of unauthorized trading, please contact the associate stock professional person for immediate legal help.

3.Misrepresentation Or Omission Of Material Facts

Your agent features an obligation to continuously provide you with an associate honest assessment of any prospective transactions.

On the far side a prohibition on outright lying, alternative styles of deception are thought-about to be a fraud.

If your agent distorted any investment chance or omitted any key facts, you had been a victim of fraud. you’ve got a right to form an associate knowing call.

When a broker leaves out vital data, you’re broken as a result.

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